Guillermo Tomás Maicas

Procurement Consultant

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About Optimized Procurement

My name is Guillermo Tomás Maicas and I help procurement managers to reduce costs, control expenses and become a strategic partner within their organization.

I am an Industrial Management Engineer and have worked extensively in the procurement department of multinational companies such as Airbus and Toyota.

My experience as procurement consultant has provided me a broad understanding of how procurement organizations operate in different sectors. During this time, I have acknowledged there is ample room for improvement in the procurement function of many organizations. The lack of strategies per category, the poor visibility of purchasing spending, the lack of processes and resources, the fact that purchasing is not a strategic unit within the organization, or even the fact that there is not a well-defined procurement function. It is surprising to see how some companies buy without control, having a direct impact on their bottom line.

I am passionate about continuous improvement and entrepreneurship, that’s the reason why I decided to found Optimized Procurement. My goal is to help procurement managers reduce costs, control expenses and become a strategic function within the company.

In my spare time I love practicing sports, especially football, CrossFit and sailing. I also value spending time with my family and friends.


The modern business need

Procurement has become a strategic function capable of improving a company’s profitability in surprising ways. In many companies, especially those with low sales margins, better results are obtained by improving procurement strategies than by increasing the number of sales. Therefore, professionalizing the procurement area in the current context is of vital importance to improve the net profit of the organization.

Not having the right strategies and resources in the procurement function can cost the organization millions. Therefore, investing in this area can greatly increase profitability and avoid wasting money innefficiently.

However, despite the growing relevance of the procurement function, many companies do not leverage the power and influence of this business unit. One of the main reasons boils down to a lack of strategy, fundamentals, processes and skills. That’s where my venture comes in.


Why choose to work with Optimized Procurement

✔  Experience at world-class organisations in different sectors

✔  Customized solutions with a proven methodology

✔  Real coaching and implementation with NO BULLSHIT!

✔  Learn how to implement best procurement strategies and get all necessary tools for your own use